Friday, 19 February 2016

Considerations For Installing A Biomass System

Before you decide to install a Biomass energy system from the Biomass Boilers Company, there are various considerations involved. Some of these factors include the delivery and storage of the fuel, fuel supply and very important system suitability.

Choosing The Right Biomass System

In order to reach a state of low emission and efficient combustion, the biomass product will require to be burned extremely fast at very high temperatures.

Is The Biomass System Required To Deliver A Continuous Low Level Output?

Even though many of the more modern types of wood pellet and wood chip boilers are made for allowing a modulation output that is decreased to around 30% of the total output, biomass systems is not really suitable for this type of operation and when lower level  outputs are required continuously, biomass is not considered to be a suitable choice.

The Handling Prerequisites Related To Seasonal Variations

When the seasonal operations of the system will require a higher level of output in the winter for heating and then a lower output in summer, using biomass boiler that is accompanied with gas boiler can be a appropriate combination. This can mean that a biomass can be used for the common requirement for maximum outputs and a supplementary boiler can be used to meet up with the requirements of extremely cold days.

How To Achieve Optimum Firing

One of the best ways to allow for optimal firing would be to utilize an “accumulator" that will permit the biomass boiler to work on a maximum output and heat up even large types of water reservoirs that will be stored in insulated containers until it will be needed.

Biomass Fuel Supply

When planning an installation for a biomass system, the sources for fuel must always be considered in the planning process. In addition, the equipment required must also be specified for a successful installation.

Wood Chips

When there are a readily available supply of wood chips that can include mature or recycled timber or timber residues from a supply chain that offers local woodfuel, that are able to offer wood chips that have 35% or below moisture content, Then the specification of a boiler that is able to burn lower moisture content type fuel can relate to the following benefits:

  • A cheaper and physically smaller system
  • The need for a smaller storage area
  • Increased efficient transport
  • Decreased changes of the fuel reaching the stages of composting during the stages of storage

When SRW (small round wood) Or The Arboricultural Arisings Are Available

When there is a location that can allow for the process or air drying timber like SRW, and there is a readily available facility that can then proceed to chipping the wood at the same site, this fuel type could be the best choice.

If the system will be used from arboricultural arisings that are sourced from local types of tree surgeons that will able to deliver the product freshly chipped and green, then it is advisable to select a biomass combustion system that has been made to burn off green material and then recapture any additional costs related to the system from lowered storage and fuel costs.

Biomass Fuels Information

An appropriate design related to storage of biomass fuel in consideration to the extraction and delivery of this fuel along with desirable maintenance is extremely important for a smooth and efficient biomass installation process.


Biomass has been described as a type of density  fuel that is low in energy, which means that larger volumes must always be available on site when unacceptable delivery frequencies must be avoided. In addition, the right amount of safety margins must always be maintained. This means a suitable area that is close by to the site that includes combustion equipment is needed. The site is required to be in a nearby vicinity in order to evade long types of fuel feed that has the potential to increase blockage risks.


The method of delivery should always be an important consideration. When wood chips will be delivered using a type of tipper truck, the most sought after technique would be to tip these chips straight into the “fuel store.” This method may need a ramp that will allow the vehicle to reach the store.

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